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  • 6'2" Aftanis Koifish surfboard [photo] Very good condition. Thruster setup. Comes with fins. 450$
    Aaron - 250-266-2412 Ucluelet (May/23/2019)

  • 5'7 Aftanas Stuhb [photo] 21 1/4 x 2 1/2. Futures 5 fin box setup. Good condition for its age $300.
    email - Jason - Comox (May/22/2019)

  • Stewart surfboard [photo]
    Tim. Got your pictures but no information came through. Please email the text for your classified ad to us - (May/21/2019)

  • 6'6" fibreglass surf board [photo] in great condition. Comes with leash, bag & stomp pads. $220 obo
    email - Dori - 250-816-2386 Lantzville (May/21/2019)

  • 6'6 Superfish 4 [photo] with 5 fin set-up. Brand:7 Surfboards, Lenghth: 6'6, Width:20 3/4, thickness: 2 5/8, Volume: 40.45 litres. This board was purchased in 2018 and has been out on the water 5 times. It comes with 5 FCS-PC-5 fins and a Dakine leash. $900.00.
    Janine - 250-667-7912 Nanaimo (May/20/2019)

  • 5'11" Hayden Shapes Holy Grail [photo] Dims 5'11" x 20 1/4 x 2 5/8 32.2L Like new, only surfed once. $750
    Randy - 250-266-2240 Ucluelet (May/23/2019)

  • 6'3 Al Merrick Channel Islands TLow surf board [photo] 6'3, 19 3/8, 2 9/16, 32.5L, New FCS Traction Pad, $475 Board is in exc cond, surfed only a handful of times, no repairs, no impressions on rails or bottom. Just usual deck impressions. T-Low has proven to be a unique design, being user friendly and still meeting World Tour requirements
    Ben - 250-818-0653 Victoria (May/18/2019)

  • 5'8 Rob Machado Moonbeam LFT [photo] $750 Great board, great price. This board is a pleasure to ride in any condition of waves the ocean can throw at you. Owned for one season in which she endured two dings. Both fixed up immediately by Barracuda in Victoria. 5 fun future set up. See pics for more details and dims.
    email - Keri Bachynski - 250-882-8691 Victoria BC (May/17/2019)

  • 6'10" Greedy Beaver by Firewire [photo] Mint condition - $775 dims: 6'10", 21 3/4", 2 7/8", 52.1 L The Greedy Beaver has a real shortboard feel with a compressed longboard outline, a true crossover board with midlength retro glide and shortboard maneuverability. Put it on rail while engaging the single to double concave, step on the rounded pin and it surfs like a shortboard in the pocket.
    email - Bill - 250-661-9441 Sooke (May/15/2019)

  • 5'10" Randy French Quad Fish [photo] 5'10" x 20 1/4" x 2 1/2"A few dings but are repaired and water tight. Tufflite epoxy, super strong and light board. Fins included. $280 obo
    email - Brayden - 778-674-7627 Ucluelet (May/13/2019)

  • 9'8 Dirtydog noserider [photo] 9'8 x 22 3/4 x 2 3/4 mint condition. 1000$ Firm handshaped classic log with wide point back, mimimal nose rocker with some flip out the tail. Full 50/50 rails. glassed nice n heavy.Clear deck with floral inlay and teal resin tint bottom, with traditional resin leash loop.
    email - damian - victoria (May/12/2019)

  • 6'2 Aftanas Sled [photo] 20 1/2 x 2 3/4, 37.4L thruster. Great board, bought in November of last year. Selling because I want something bigger for the summer. The board is in great shape, has some pressure dents, and one ding on one of the rails that was professionally repaired, board comes with FCS fins
    Mat - 250-268-2628 Nanaimo (May/11/2019)

  • 5'7 channel island rocketwide spineteck [photo] 5'7 19 1/4 x 2 7/16 28.7L really good shape, super fun board $750
  • 5'11" Channel island fever [photo] 5'11" 18 7/8 x 2 3/8 28l flex bar technology, super strong they actually warranty them for 1 year against snapping they are so strong. still flex well though. every team member from ci has this board in there quiver. no dings, good shape. $600
    cole - 250-216-0490 victoria (May/08/2019)

  • 6'8" JC Tuflite Pete Mel Machine Model John Carper shape [photo] 19.5 x 2.4 In great condition, light and super strong. FCS fins not included. Make me an offer $375.00
    email - Steve - 250-507-2343 Sooke (May/04/2019)

  • 5'6 FireWire sweet potato LFT [photo] With quad fins, good condition. $350
    email - Jake - 778-350-9893 Victoria (May/01/2019)

  • 6'2" Walden CD4 [photo] Great condition, no dings. $300 ($350 with FCS Doubke Board Bag)
    email - Julie - Please text 403-620-2637 Victoria (Apr/29/2019)

  • 10'2 x 23 x 3 1/2 Bing [photo] ridden 10 times. Like new condition on deck. Fin box replaced professionally after unfortunate accident. 1200. includes board bag.
    email - Chris - 250-592-5441 Victoria (Apr/27/2019)

  • 6' Super fling shaper series quad fish [photo] One professionally repaired ding, by rhino in port. Great summer board, high vol, wave catcher. 6' x21x3 -41lt 300$ with fins and bag.
    Jeremy - 778-835-6932 Nanaimo (Apr/26/2019)

  • 6'0" Channel Islands #4 [photo] including CI travel bag, FCS MF-2 thruster fins, and FCS leash. Size: 6'0" x 20 5/8 x 2 5/8, 34.9L Conditon: Excellent. Asking: $550 This is a super fun, versatile, all-rounder board for small - medium size waves. Easy to paddle, extra fast in a variety of conditions. Comes with a perfectly fitting Channel Islands travel bag, FCS MF-2 thruster fins, and an FCS leash. Only selling as I don't surf it enough now living in Vancouver. Get it in time for summer Tofino days!
    Aaron - 250-208-9415 Vancouver (Apr/24/2019)

  • 6'0 Aftanas analog [photo] 6'0 x 19 x 2 1/2 30L like new no dents/ding other than small fixed chip on nose from travelling. Asking 450$
    email - Yan - 250-702-4704 Courtenay (Apr/22/2019)

  • 6'7 Fluid Juice high performance surfboard [photo] $275 Shaped by Adrian Phillips (6'7 x 18.5") - a very well regarded shaper (one of Europe's best shapers). This is a hi-performance / step-up / low volume shortboard. I had this board custom shaped as a travel board (strong glass job). Some pressure dents but in good ready to surf shape. FCS fins (fins included). Kelly Slater stomp pad. This board would suit a fit / good surfer in good waves (it would suit a more advanced surfer). Charge winter surf. go hard in hollow and big swells. This is not a board for surfing small summer slop. this board likes the "fluid juice" Please note this is not a beginners board (no offence - I have turned down people wanting to buy this board if they want it to learn to surf). Check out
    email - James - Nanaimo (Apr/09/2019)

  • 6'0 Mark Richards Epoxy Thruster [photo] 6'0 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 One ding that was repaired $450
  • 5'9 CI MTFA [photo] 5'9 x 19 7/16 x 2 3/16 Small repairs on tip of tail $450
  • 6'4 Wayne McKewen [photo] 6'4 x 18 1/2 x 2 3/8. $100 incl fins (Fcs)
    email - Brenton - 260-634-7412 Victoria (Apr/08/2019)

  • 6'8 Nwsd 4 channel speed demon swallow tail [photo] Great condition. professionally modified. Great for full sized beginner to advanced. lots o float. Fin setup. futures. twin + trailer. dual keel or standard Tri 400.
    Jorge - 250-646-2976 Jr (Mar/30/2019)

  • 6'0 Aftanas Custom made shortboard [photo] at a great price! $150 Lot's of volume and perfect shape to catch waves easily. Great for someone wanting to get into shortboards transitioning from longer boards. Futures fins included. Watertight and ready to go!
    email - Gabriele - 778-922-5462 Victoria (Mar/28/2019)

  • 5'2" almond sea kitten [photo] Few dings over time, but all have been professionally repaired and is water tight. Super fast and skatey, the board carries a lot of volume. paddles well. 5'2" 21" 1/8 by 2 1/2 | 33.9L 400 obo
    jordie - 250-886-7871 Victoria (Mar/26/2019)

  • 5'3 Bat Tail mini Simmons [photo] Low rocker, plenty of volume for the size, skatey yet drivey. Experimental shape. Please email if I don't respond to text or call.
  • 7'7 Mid Length Single fin Old school tracker [photo] inspired single fin. shaped with low rocker and a flat bottom specifically for our waves around these parts. Just finished glassing. Never surfed. 7'7 x 3 x 21.5 $750 Imessage or email please (put your phone number in the email and I can call you from skype or when In town), I only have access to wifi at home.
    email - Andy - Imessage only please 250-266-0704 Shirley (Mar/26/2019)

  • 5'8" - 19 1/4" - 2 1/4" Aaron 'AZA' Dewaz [photo] Handcrafted by surfers of California. Ever wonder what it feels like to have a handshaped board under your feet while your charging out there? Now's the time. $350 flat for the board, with FCS fins i'll be happy with $400. Bought this board a few years ago in NorCal around $450 USD plus $90 fins, rarely used only a handful of times. I'd say its a great deal. Good for experienced surfers.
    email - Matt - 250-797-7756 Nanaimo (Mar/19/2019)

  • 5'9" x 20-1/2" x 2-3/4" Tomo Evo [photo] 37.5 litres mint condition with FCS Julian Wilson tail pad. Futures fin boxes. Purchased new at Relic Surf Shop in Ucluelet. Board is currently located in Ucluelet but can be delivered/picked up between Ucluelet and Whistler $850
    email - Tom - ucluelet (Mar/19/2019)

  • 6'0" 7S [photo] 6'0" x 19" x 2 5/8" Got it a few years ago but haven't used it much at all. Comes with fins and bag. $350
    email - Craig - Victoria -Central Saanich (Mar/16/2019)

  • 5'9" Dumpster Diver Channel Islands [photo] 5'9" x 19 7/8" x 2 3/8" Well used but lots of life left $255
    email - Ian - 250-751-4098 Nanaimo (Mar/14/2019)

  • 5'10" Geoff Mccoy Lazor Zap [photo] Excellent condition 5'10" x 2 3/4" x 21 3/4" (Dimensions approximate) $400 firm Comes with fins and just put a brand new tail patch on.
    email - Colin - 250-266-0355 Tofino (Mar/11/2019)

  • 6'1 Barracuda Epoxy Custom [photo] 6'1 x 19 5/8 x 2 1/2ish. Surfed 4x. Small Pressure Dents Futures Thruster. Have a set of Jordys kicking around somewhere for it. $400 Board is a copy of Firewire SKX, goes good, PU/Epoxy construction, got too fat. Make an offer. You can have the track pad and bad wax job for free.
    email - Will - 639-317-7873 Saanich (Mar/10/2019)

  • 5'10" Firewire Omni 35.5 Litres Excellent condition (like new) $650
    email - Derek - 778-323-2840 Nanaimo (Mar/03/2019)

  • 5'8 x20" x2 3/8" Firewire Dominator [photo] in good shape with fcs JS fins - $400
  • 5'10 x 19 1/2" x 2 9/16" Firewire/Slater Sci-Fi [photo] in decent shape - $380
    Dan - 250-726-5333 Ucluelet (Mar/02/2019)

  • 6'2 Barracuda Hybrid Fish Quad [photo] Beautiful Resin Tint. Originally custom made by the legendary Mick Shineberg. Never has incurred any dings. In extremely good condition. $400 FCS plugs
    email - Whit - (Feb/26/2019)

  • 5'10" Route One Dirty Harry model [photo] 5'10" x 18 5/8 x 2 1/4 26 litres lightly used $250
  • 5'10" round tailshortboard [photo] basically new $300
  • 5'10" Channel Islands Fever model [photo] 5'10" x 18 5/8 x 2 5/16 26.3 litres basically new/ perfect condition $600
  • 6'2" Aftanas Sled roundtail [photo] 6'2" x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8 36.2 litres $500
    Kelly - 250-266-2555 Tofino (Feb/25/2019)

  • 10' x 23 1/4" x 3 1/4" Waterman [photo] This is a stunning collectors board. Wooden board based on the Hawaii Gun used in Big Wednesday. Never used in the water, but could be if you wanted. I paid just over $2,000 for it 6 months ago, and sadly moving it can't come with us and I'd hate to see it go to storage. Comes with free wall brackets (worth $100)
  • 7'10" Single Fin [photo] Resin tint on bottom. No dings, super nice board. Plenty of volume.
    email - Christian - 250-644-4923 Sooke (Feb/24/2019)

  • 5'10" RNF Libtech five fin set up [photo] 5'10 20.5 x 2.6 = 35.6 pretty crisp 850.00 comes with fins
    Geoff - 778-977-6150 (Feb/23/2019)

  • 8'1" Mctavish carver [photo] used maybe 3-4 times. New stomp pad and new FCS bag and leash. Don't use it anymore needs to go to a better home! Can meet in most places. $1000
    email - Mike - 250-732-1808 Duncan (Feb/17/2019)

  • 6'2" Lois Vascez epoxy surfboard Good 175
    Jesse - 250-418-5095 Sooke (Feb/16/2019)

  • 6'0 Stretch Quadfish [photo] 6'0 x 20 x 3 3/8 Great condition. 2 small dings from flights, professionally repaired. $600
    email - Iain - 236-862-6292 Vancouver city (Feb/14/2019)

  • 5'8" Proctor rascal 2 [photo] Really good condition. Fun fishy board 19-7/8" wide 2-7/16" thick $600 obo
    Tony Johnson - 250-888-3684 Sooke (Feb/12/2019)

  • 5'10" Lost Rocket V.2. [photo] Made in U.S. Overall good condition, has had a couple small repairs but no water damage. some pressure dents on the deck. Super fun/fast board especially on medium or bigger days. Have a set of fins I could be talked into throwing in for a little extra. Sad to see her go but gotta pay some bills. $300
    Pat - 250-558-8989 Victoria (Feb/08/2019)
r u b b e r

  • Xcel Infinity 5/4mm Medium Tall hooded wetsuit [photo] Well used. Blown out. Patched up, but will work for a summer suit or nice to have for visiting friends etc. Buy me a beer and it's yours! Any beer will do. I wont say no to a Colt 45 or a local craft beer. Suit is in Sooke,but I work in Victoria so I can bring it anywhere in between. Thanks ;)
    email - Steve - Texts are best 250-818-6527 Sooke (May/23/2019)

  • O'Neill Thermo-X Vest W/Neo Hood Wetsuit [photo] like new $55
  • Xcel drylock split toe surf boots 5MM Size Men 8 [photo] In good conditions. A few gashes from fins but they've been fixed. $25
    js - 604-376-6934 Vancouver (May/23/2019)

  • Rip Curl Flash Bomb 3/2 Size LT back zip [photo] A few years old but used only a handful of times. Too big for me. $150 obo or trade for similar quality MT 3/2.
    email - Patrick - Vancouver/Ukee (May/19/2019)

  • 6mm Excel Medium Tall Wetsuit Like brand new, worn maybe 10 times. $150.00
    email - Steve - 250-507-2343 Sooke (May/04/2019)

  • men's medium Quicksilver wetsuit [photo] brand new with tags. Synchro series. Asking $160.
    email - Vincent - In Sooke but can meet in Westshore or Victoria (Apr/26/2019)

  • Patagonia R2 springs [photo] it's brand new w/o tags got it a few years ago for a trip that never happen, been sitting in storage since 200$
  • Patagonia R2 short sleeve fulls [photo] it's brand new w/o tags merino wool. Never got to use it. Asking 250$
    email - Yan - 250-702-4704 Courtenay (Apr/23/2019)

  • Xcel infinity 6/5/4 hooded wetsuit [photo] Like new lightly used men's large long always rinsed and hung to dry $250
    email - Kyle - 250-732-8292 Shawnigan Lake (Apr/23/2019)

  • O'Neil 5.5:4 Pyscho Freak 2018 Wetsuit [photo] Medium/Small 5'6-5'10 130-160 lbs. Excellent still have original tags $300
    Justin - 250-589-6181 Victoria BC (Apr/16/2019)

  • large R3 Patagonia hooded wetsuit [photo] brand new never work. has never been wet. 500$
    Jeremy - 778-835-6932 Nanaimo (Mar/31/2019)

  • Ripcurl Flashbomb 5mm Booties size 8 split toe Bought from Coastline last year and in great condition. Asking $50
  • Bauer Knee Pads Black. Mens adult small. Stretchy back with velcro straps. Great for learning to drop in bowl this summer! Asking $10.
    Megan - 250-826-6401 Downtown Victoria (Mar/25/2019)

  • Xcel Infinity 5/4 XL Wetsuit [photo] Good Condition 350.00 Comes with Size L Gloves and Size 11 Boots Full Show
  • XL Xcel Comp X Steamer [photo] Worn Once 400.00 OBO Brand New Bro!
    email - Sean - Cadboro Bay (Mar/18/2019)

  • MT Ripcurl e5 flashbomb 5.5.4 Hooded wetsuit [photo] 300$ obo Used for a season, but in great condition. A few small holes that have been repaired.
    Jay - 250-508-3081 Victoria (Mar/08/2019)

  • Woman's Size 6 Excel Drylock 5/4 mm Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit [photo] plus 5 mm gloves size small. Excellent condition (purchased in November 2018). $300.
    email - Karla - (Mar/06/2019)

  • Patagonia 6/5 Size MR hooded used wetsuit No rips or tears, all seams are good, merino wool lined. 300$
    Matt - 250-327-4300 Campbell river (Mar/06/2019)

  • Excel 654 LT [photo] Mint Worn 1 time Size 11 booties 7 mil Medium gloves 5 mil Worn 1 time paid over 600 $450 obo
    Jesse - 250-418-5095 Sooke (Feb/16/2019)

  • Excel Drylock X 5/4 LT Hooded Wetsuit [photo] Only worn 3 times, still new. $575 obo
    email - Chris - 250-918-9443 Tofino (Feb/12/2019)

a c c e s o r i e s

  • Double Soft Racks FCS Auto-Hardware [photo] In good condition. Only used a few times. Awesome product! Don't have a rack on your car? This is the solution! This soft rack fits most cars. Features:- Holds 1-6 Shortboards or 1-4 Longboards - Square, non-rolling pads - Heavy Duty 38mm webbing - Tough metal locking components $50 (firm on price). These cost $80 CDN retail. Link to FCS description:
    email - - Conor (May/21/2019)

  • Creature of leisure 6'3 board bag [photo] in good condition. Asking 40$
  • 5'9 Komunity project board sock [photo] (but can stretch to almost 6'0 in perfect condition. 40$
    email - Yan - 250-702-4704 Courtenay (May/06/2019)

  • Steelcore locking tailgate pad [photo] Keep your boards safe and locked. Cable reinforced straps to lock your boards! $50
    email - Troy - Parksville (Apr/22/2019)

  • FCS M5 Tri Fins [photo] never used. Perfect for setting up a new board or keeping for replacements. 50$. Can meet in Victoria.
    email - Travis - 778-585-5203 Victoria (Mar/22/2019)

  • fluid foil fin [photo] 50
  • fiberglass fin [photo] 40
  • blue planet fin [photo] 35
    Marty - 306-715-2997 metchosin (Feb/26/2019)

  • Dakine 6'8" double travel board bag [photo] Great condition. $100
    email - Coli - 250-266-0355 Tofino (Feb/03/2019)

w a n t e d

  • Looking for a set(s) of C-drive fins [photo] Any size. Dual tab (fcs). Thanks
    Bob Purdy - Text 778-229-6624 (Apr/16/2019)

  • In search of 10 Foot board bag
    email - Dave - (Mar/18/2019)

  • Looking for any board bag for a 6'2. No problem if it's slightly larger.
    email - Kerry - Text or call please 236-464-2507 Victoria (Mar/12/2019)

  • looking for longboard surf bag used (maybe discounted new). Ideally size 9'6" or a little bit longer, definitely not shorter. Can be a day bag or a travel bag, doesn't matter. Send me anything you've got. Price can be discussed. Thanks :)!
    email - Tereza - 604-354-9445 Victoria (Mar/10/2019)

  • Looking for a broken or close to free surf board for an art porject
    email - shawn matyczuk - 250-818-9201 victoria (Feb/13/2019)

Jeffries Bay SA & Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico accomodations & surf trips
Jeffries Bay SA & Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico accomodations & surf trips
email - greg

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