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Mt Ozzard Trail Guide [Ucluelet Radar Tower]  
- photos & guide by Lonny Barr  

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Mt Ozzard Trail Guide - trailhead - Photo:Lonny Barr

Mt Ozzard Trail Guide - trail - Photo:Lonny Barr

Mt Ozzard Trail Guide - radar tower - Photo:Lonny Barr
radar tower

Mt Ozzard Trail Guide


  • Difficulty: Easy, the entire hike follows a gravel service road. Summit elevation is only about 766m.
  • Hiking Time: About 1-2 hours one-way from parking lot to the Radar Tower.
  • How to get there: Driving toward Ucluelet from the junction, take a left onto Port Albion Rd. Follow Port Albion Rd and take your second left onto a gravel road (just before the right hand turn to the Fish Hatchery). Once on the gravel road take your second left which leads you up a hill and to a building and a yellow gate on your right. Park , walk around the yellow gate and follow the road to the top.

Mt Ozzard Trail Guide - view of the coast - Photo:Lonny Barr
view of the coast

Mt Ozzard Trail Guide - Lonny and Jordan
Lonny and Jordan

Mt Ozzard Trail Guide - Broken Group - Photo:Lonny Barr
Broken Group

Mt Ozzard (pronounced Oh-zard) is visible across the harbour from Ucluelet on a clear day. It is easily recognized by the golf-ball shaped radar tower on its summit. The hike (more of a walk) up the gravel service road brings you right to the top, and provides a great view of the Broken Group Isands, Ucluelet, and Pacific Rim National Park all the way up to Tofino. In the summer there are lots of berries along the road, and there is probably a good chance of seeing bears. I have been told that spending several hours at the summit causes headaches from all the radiation, although I do not know of this happening to anyone. If you ever find yourself in Ucluelet or Tofino on a clear day when the surf is no good, I would highly recommend making the trip up.

Mt Ozzard Trail Guide - flowers - Photo:Lonny Barr

Mt Ozzard Trail Guide -  trail map - Photo:Lonny Barr
trail map

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