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Sepp Bruhwiler's 5'10" Aftanas - the surfboards we love  

The surfboards we love
5'10" rounded pin Aftanas Surf Designs

Sepp Bruhwiler's  5'10" rounded pin Aftanas Surf Designs

Sepp Bruhwiler

Sepp: It's pretty wide throughout the whole thing. Get to keep up your speed in sloppy beach break and slower waves. On a fast reef break this board is almost too fast. You need to throw bigger fins on it just to get it to hold.

CoastalBC:This is the first board that Steffen has made for you?

Sepp: no. This is a fourth 4th he made for me.

CoastalBC:what do you like about his boards?

Sepp: pretty much everything you know like, I can come over here and he'll make them the way I want them whereas a lot of shapers make them the way they want them. He actually listens to me. He pretty much listens to everything I have to say. It's a big difference if the shape actually listens to you.

CoastalBC:absolutely. You surf this in what conditions?

Sepp: mostly beach breaks but I use boards like this on a reef too. I usually just throw some bigger fins in there. Tom Currens or something. It holds better.

Steffen made me a good wave board now, something for reef breaks. It's a bit bigger and it'll hold a bit better. A pin tail.

CoastalBC:so what is it about this board that makes it work so well for you?

Sepp: look at how flat this board is. My board's really flat. I just want a tiny bit of kick and that's it, so I can get as much speed as I can. You start drawing a little too much rocker and you lose speed, huh? That's pretty much what I've changed in the last couple of years. Pretty flat.

CoastalBC: it sure is.

Sepp: the faster you're going, the easier it is to turn, especially on a shitty wave.

CoastalBC:thanks Sepp.

Sepp Bruhwiler Sepp Bruhwiler is a lifelong resident of Tofino and a pro surfer and owns Westside Surf School

Aftanas Surf Designs

Let Sepp Bruhwiler teach you @ Westside Surf School in Tofino


Sepp Bruhwiler's  5'10" rounded pin Aftanas Surf Designs

Sepp Bruhwiler's  5'10" rounded pin Aftanas Surf Designs

Sepp Bruhwiler's  5'10" rounded pin Aftanas Surf Designs

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