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Pacific Surf Company Pacific Surf School box 636, 441 Campbell St Tofino, BC, V0R 2Z0
email 250-725-2155 tf 1-888-777-9961 | Check Us Out on Facebook | Check Us Out on Instagram

Creating unforgettable experiences since 1998
This is more than just a job to us - it’s a lifestyle! Come check out all Tofino has to offer.
» Open year round, offering comprehensive SUP & surf lessons
» All equipment provided for lessons
» Maximum 5:1 student to instructor ratio
» Full rental department
» West coast apparel

Surf Sister Surf School Surf Sister Surf School
625 Campbell St, Box 21 Tofino, BC, V0R 2Z0
email 250-725-4456
tf 1-877-724-SURF | Check Us Out on Facebook

Lesson available for Men and Women of all ages and abilities
» Offering PROVEN techniques and GUARANTEED fun!
» Daily Lessons, Weekend clinics, Billabong Surf Camps, Teen Camps, Yoga Surf Retreats
» Year-round, all equipment included
» BCASI and NSSIA certified Instructors


  • ATTN: Catherine Bruhwiler, Box 482, 1119 Pacific Rim Highway, Tin Wis Best Western Resort @ Mckenzie Beach, Tofino BC, V0R 2Z0
    email - 250 266 1997



  s u r f      t o u rs







♠ learn to surf
Learning to Surf - a BC surfing tutorial - Surfing Vancouver Island Learning to Surf - a BC surfing tutorial

» Learning to Surf by Chris Payne
» The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches by Bruce Gabrielson

» PD's Trick Tips   Backside Roundhouse

Frontside Carving 360
Frontside Carving 360
The Frontside Snap
Frontside off the Lip
Frontside Air Reverse
Backside Air Reverse
Speed on a Backside Wave
Backside Bottom Turn
Backside Air

Layback Snap
Backside Floaters
Backside Re-entry
Pumping on a Frontside Wave
Frontside Bottom Turn
Frontside Air
Frontside Roundhouse
Frontside Cutback
Frontside Floaters

♠ more surf stuff

» Ding repair FAQ
» wave / board / surf terminology
» Surfboard Design Guide
» surfboards we love
» Rip Currents & Undertows - Ray McAllister - Steve Baum - Neil Savage
» about waves & sets - John Sidles - Timothy B. Maddux
» foam in the surf? - James G. Acker
» Lud's Wave Prediction - Ludwig Omachen
» cold water & rubber
» local surfing Q & A
» surf travel tales and pics
» bc/pnw surf comps archive



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