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support the folks that support this website - Lambrecht Surfboards in Pemberton, BC Lambrecht Surfboards Pemberton, BC
email - Andy Lambrecht - 604-698-8248

support the folks that support this website - Revolucion Shaping Co in the Cowichan Valley, British Columbia Revolucion Shaping Co - Surfboard Shaping Machine Cowichan Valley, British Colombia
email - Louis Robert - 250-508-4024

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Swell Composites Supply Ltd - Richmond BC - eco friendly DIY Swell Composites Supply Ltd Unit 305 - 5930 No.6 Rd, Richmond, BC, V6V 1Z1
email - Steve Grant - 877-611-0600
  • Canadian Distributors of SuperSap Epoxy by Entropy Resins, Arctic Surfblanks and Marko EPS Foam
  • Surf and SUP Reinforcement fabrics from Hexcel, Colan, BGF Aerilite and Bcomp
  • Fin Systems and Components from Futures, FCS, ProBox, Unlimited and more!
  • Huge selection of Shaping, Glassing and Sanding tools
  • Manufacturers and Wholesale discounts and Canada-wide delivery

  the complete list of Canadian Shapers [work in progress] past & present

  • Addiction Surfboards - Louis Robert - Sooke, BC up till 2005 - and moved to France eventually selling the brand to UWL Surfboards. Back on the island and setting up Draft Dodger Surfboards by Louis

  • Aftanas Surf Designs - Stefan Aftanas - currently shaping in Tofino, BC

  • Arsenal Surfboards - Steve - currently shaping in Nanaimo BC

  • Barracuda Surfboards - Carl White - currently shaping in Victoria, BC

  • Canz - Warren Coulson used to shape in Sooke from about 1993 to 2001 under the CANZ label and switched to WCD the last year or so

  • Des Delaney - a Kiwi who made boards for Westbeach

  • Fishstick Custom Surfboards - Bob Ree - currently shaping in Toronto, ON

  • Five Surfboards Ltd Toronto Ont

  • Frenchy's Surfboards - Sylvain Boucher - currently shaping in Montréal, QC

  • GMD Surfboards - Glen - currently shaping in Vancouver BC

  • Guava Surf Création - Usine Grover - Montréal, QC

  • Heinz Surfboards - Jason Heinz - Victoria BC

  • 2Imagine Surfboards Verdun, QC

  • Island Rhino Surf Boards - Billy Leach currently shaping in Port Alberni

  • Matt Cyr Surfboards - currently shaping in Esquimalt

  • Otherworld Surfboards - Scott Forbes - currently shaping in Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Pirate Surfboards Windsor, NS

  • Quest - Ward Nordquist still shapes a few boards a year [so we hear]

  • Rainer Bruggaman Paddleboards - currently shaping in Sanich

  • Rocket Science Surf Labs Aldergrove, BC - Dingo

  • Redpath - made surfboards and sold them under the Redpath Surfboards label to sporting goods shops in Vancouver in the early 70's. "Expressions in foam and glass" was his tag line.

  • San Juan Surfboards - Thomas - currently shaping in Port Renfrew

  • Sitka Surfboards - Rene Gauthier & Andrew Paine - currently shaping in Victoria, BC

  • Skyler Surfboards - Mike Cestnick - currently shaping in Windsor, Nova Scotia

  • Xcape - a South African named Floris & Vinnie made surfboards in Burnaby[?] & then in North Vancouver up till 2002[?]

  • Wayne Vilet - currently shaping in Tofino

  • Wave Wammer - Kevin Todd's label from the eighties

  • Wild Island - Jack Gillie in Tofino









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