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Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, Salinas, Ecuador - Mar 28 - Apr 5, 2009   

Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, Salinas, Ecuador  - Mar 28 - Apr 5,  2009

Heat # 3	Boys Under 18	Qualify Round 1
Red   		1 	17.73 	Dimitri Ouvre  		FRA  
White   	2 	11.70 	Danny Bishko  		CRI  
Yellow   	3 	3.16 	Frazer Laine-Mayor  	CAN  

Heat #14		Boys Under 18	Qualify Round 1
Red   		1 	12.10 	Medi Veminardi  	FRA  
White   	3 	10.57 	Maikol Torres  		CRI  
Yellow   	2 	10.90 	Janek Peladeau  	CAN  

Heat #18	Boys Under 18	Qualify Round 1
Red   		1 	14.00 	Maxime Huscenot  	FRA  
White  		2 	10.94 	Carlos Munoz  		CRI  
Yellow   	3 	3.20 	Kye Peladeaus  		CAN  

Heat # 2	Boys Under 16	Qualify Round 1
Red   		2 	8.33 	Tom Cloarec  		FRA  
White   	1 	9.57 	Mihimana Braye  	TAH  
Yellow   	3 	6.70 	Nicolas Vargas  	CHI  
Black   	4 	5.27 	Somon Bauer  		CAN  

Heat # 7	Boys Under 18	Qualify Round 2
Red   		1 	13.50 	Fisher Hevery  		USA  
White   	4 	6.36 	Janek Peladeau  	CAN  
Yellow   	3 	6.64 	Haunui Aumeran  	TAH  
Black   	2 	7.56 	Pedro Francistegui  	ARG  

Heat #10 Boys Under 18 Repercharge 1 Red 2 7.20 Kye Peladeaus CAN White 4 0.00 4.17 - Yellow 1 7.90 Nehuen Adamo ARG Black 3 7.00 Gefre Palencia GUA Heat # 2 Boys Under 18 Repercharge 2 Red 1 11.17 Jocelyn Poulou TAH White 2 7.80 Dimitri Ouvre FRA Yellow 3 5.70 Ricardo Delgado PRC Black 4 3.54 Frazer Laine-Mayor CAN Heat # 8 Boys Under 18 Repercharge 2 Red 1 9.37 Toby Donachie UK White 3 3.50 Janek Peladeau CAN Yellow 2 9.33 Maikol Torres CRI Black 4 2.46 Paul Gunther GER Heat # 9 Boys Under 18 Repercharge 2 Red 1 9.84 Chase Wilson USA White 3 4.37 Stuart Campbell UK Yellow 2 5.93 Amos Rivera GUA Black 4 4.10 Kye Peladeaus CAN Heat # 1 Boys Under 16 Repercharge 1 Red 2 6.94 Felix Vargas VEN White 3 3.73 Somon Bauer CAN Yellow 1 12.06 Pierre Rollet FRA Black 4 0.00 4.4 -

» live webcast - Mar 28 - Apr 5, 2009

(Salinas, Ecuador) March 27, 2009 - The world's best junior surfers completed their arrival today in Ecuador for the start of the 2009 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, an event recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The official event press conference was held this afternoon at Hotel Barcelo near the contest site.

"Welcome to Ecuador and to the most beautiful region of our country," said Ana Trivino, Mayor of Salinas, Ecuador. "It is really special to see us as a country hosting a surfing event such as this. Surfing has been, in this area, a part of our culture and today we have the privilege of welcoming the best of the best to our country."

"We are so pleased to have this spectacular event in Ecuador," said Fernando Aguerre, President of the International Surfing Association. "I truly admire the relationship the country has with nature and I commend Ecuadorians for the changes they have made to make that relationship even better. The only thing contest organizers cannot control are waves and we received the great news today that the swell forecast for the next week and a half is looking really good."

Fernando spent the morning hours surfing with many of the junior surfers in town for the competition. "I felt very fortunate not only to be in the water surfing this morning, but even more so to see all of the contestants together having fun and getting ready up for the contest."

Starting tomorrow and spanning nine days, the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship will host 264 surfers, the most participants in the history of the event, from 28 nations and six continents as they compete for individual and team gold, silver, bronze and copper medals. The competition will be held at the famous La FAE Beach in Salinas, Ecuador.

This year marks the first time the competition has been held in a Hispanic American country. Started in 2003 and held in Durban, South Africa, the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship has set foot on the shores of nearly every continent. This year's competing countries include Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Tahiti, USA, Venezuela and Ecuador.

Participants in today's press conference included ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, Director of Ecuadorian Tourism Ricardo Camacho, Mayor of Salinas Ana Trivino, President of Ecuadorian Surfing Federation (FES) Manolo Lozano, ASP World Champion Martin Potter, 2007 Boys Under 16 Gold medalist Garrett Parkes, 2008 Girls Under 18 Gold medalist Laura Enever and Ecuadorian surf team member Jonathan Chila.

Quiksilver Young Gun Garrett Parkes from Australia will be looking to set a new ISA record in Ecuador. Having won gold in 2007 in the Under 16 division, Parkes could be the first-ever to win gold medals in two divisions if he clinches the top spot in the Under 18 division. Australian teammate and Roxy's Laura Enever has her eyes set on back-to-back gold medals a feat only one other surfer in the history of the ISA has accomplished current ASP World Champion Stephanie Gilmore.

Parkes and Enever and the Australian team will be joined by all of the visiting countries tomorrow for the official Opening Ceremonies and Parade of Nations. The Parade begins at 5:00pm as the world's best junior surfers canvas the streets of Salinas. The competition will begin Sunday, March 29 at 8:00am.

For more information on the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, LIVE webcast, photos and on-demand video highlights, visit or

Gold medallists in the Under 18 Boys and Girls division will receive entry spots in the ASP World Tour 2010 Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast Trials to be held in Australia's Gold Coast from February 27 until March 10.









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