Surfing Vancouver Island  

Pete Devries surfing trick tips  

PD's Trick Tips       

By Pete Devries

Pete Devries surfing trick tips

surfing trick tips from one of Canada's top competitive surfers

Frontside off the Lip

TrickTips01.WMVideo 3.5 megs ±

PD's Trick Tips

Backside Roundhouse

Frontside Carving 360

Frontside Snap

Pumping on a Frontside Wave

Frontside Bottom Turn

Frontside Cutback

Frontside Roundhouse

Frontside Floaters

Frontside off the Lip

Frontside Air Reverse

Frontside Air

Speed on a Backside Wave

Backside Bottom Turn

Backside Floaters

Backside Air

Backside Re-entry

Backside Air Reverse

Layback Snap








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